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states really have right now? and is there anything the obama administration can do? >> there is always this threat that we'll take away our $1.3 billion of aid that we provide from egypt, but what i'm hearing from there is they don't really care right now. that $1.3 billion seems pretty insignificant to what they are getting from other middle eastern countries. but no matter who wins, we'll support them. >> michael: and do you see a settlement? >> i think we're a lot further from a political solution today than we have been in a long time. i hope we can move forward from here, but very devastating, and to not expect retribution, i think would be foolish. >> michael: nobody on television explains this better than you, noreen moustafa. thanks so much for being on the show as always. >> so happy to be in "the war room." >> michael: love having you. we move now to the thankfully non-violent domestic front, with the gop road show is roll going boston, today prince riebus -- oh, i got it wrong again -- i mean reince priebus is railing against fairness. the theme is make things happen. which
. well, last week president obama announced the creation of an independent group of outside experts to review the intelligence gathering and reviewing of information by the nsa, all in hopes of maintaining the trust of the people and that there is no abuse. >> obama: we're reviewing our intelligence technologies. i'm asking this independent group to step back and review our capabilities, particularly our surveillance technologies. >> michael: well yesterday baracpresident obama revealed te person in charge of this review panel will be james clapper, the very person in charge of the nsa spying practices, the same practices that the panel is investigating. to make matters worse he lied about to congress in march. >> what i wanted to see is if you could give me a yes or no answer to the question. does the nsa collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of americans. >> no, sir. >> it does not? >> not wittingly. >> michael: when accused of lying when the nsa was, in fact, spying on americans, he said this on msnbc. >> i responded in what i thought was the most tr
, but these are the stories that are upsetting. over the weekend, a rodeo clown donned an obama mask at the missouri state fair. they asked if the audience wanted to see obama run down by a bull. those are the types of systemic subtle racism. what happened in missouri julian, was overtly racist. when did that become okay? when did it start up again or did it not stop? >> it has never been okay, but it started when barack obama was elected president of the united states. and when he was elected he committed a serious crime of being president while black. and for some people in this country luckily a minority, only a few nit wits and idiots, they have done every word and deed to treat him as if he is he were not a decent person. even people who are allegedly respectful like donald trump. why is he on tv today? why is he considered a serious figure? this guy is a laughing stock. but still this hatred of obama goes on. if you think it doesn't have anything to do with his race, you're not thinking at all. >> michael: we don't have to address that. it's obviously because of his race. julian, you've been on this
information on classified nsa information on parameters said this. today. we have seen obama administration show no respect for international or domestic law, but the law is winning. i thank the russian federation for granting me asylum. jay carney said russia is jeopardizing diploma diplomatic relations with the u.s. by all allowing snowden to live there. >> we're extremely disdisappoi disdisappointed that russia would take this step, and not have snowden ex-spelled to the u.s. to face charges against him. he should be returned to the united states as soon as possible where he will be accorded full due process and protections. >> michael: sometimes i really don't believe that jay carney believes what he's saying. that was one of those moments. and a new poll released shows that majority of americans disagree with that. 55% think that edward snowden is in fact a whistle blower, while 45% think he is a traitor. jay carney issued a veiled threat saying they're considering a. : >> michael: joining us now from washington, d.c. one of our favorites, michael tomasky. great to have you back here.
shure is off this week. in an unprecedented move this weekend, the obama administration extended the closure of the 19 of the 22 american embassies shut down sunday amid terrorism threats. the white house has been routed by both sides of the aisle. this comes over one month before the 12-year anniversary of the september 11th attacks, and one year after the attacks in benghazi. saxby chambliss had this to say on meet the press. >> there has been an awful lot of chatter out there, very recommend necessa necessary -- reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11. i can tell you david this is the most serious threat that i have seen in the last several years. >> david: others recall the political use of terror warnings during the bush administration, and they think this might be a political stunt to give credibility to the co con -- controversial depreciations. >> they have decided there is this massive threat, and within literally within hours the likes of saxby chambliss and lindsey graham join with the white house to insist that these steps are necessary. >> david: the state department den
with our love. president obama decides to throw some shade at russian president vladamir put tin. how well the k.g.b. respond? the war room starts now. >> today, president obama announced he will truthful moscow for a planned g-20 summit but not meet privately with russian president put tin. he cited a lack of progression of arms, trade within global security and human rights. a statement released by the white house explained: >> now, if you ask me, these agreements are not reasons to postpone a meet, their reasons to have a meeting. sitting down and negotiating is not a sign of weakness, it's usually a sign of strength. in 1961, president kennedy sat down for the vienna summit to discuss their troubled relationship. president reagan sat down with mikael gorbachev. join be me now is christina pelosi and from new york, michael shure, who's the usual host of this show. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> michael, let's start with you. isn't there a danger here of escalating the situation with russia by canceling a meeting in such a dramatic fashion? isn't there a sense of raising the dr
're seeing. you heard a lot of definitative statements no, but you've seen a focus. president obama said the n.s.a. did not spy on americans, but used surveillance. now today, there's a debate over the world target. are semantics a way to shift the debate? is the use of semantics suggesting to us that the government is trying to hide something? >> i think it is. the government and the n.s.a. in particular has a set of definitions that relate to its surveillance activities that are at odds with the ordinary meaning of those words. if you ask the n.s.a. whether it is collecting americans' emails in the program that was revealed today, it will tell you that it isn't. it's acquiring them, but it's not collecting them, because collecting them means something else. that type of word play not only obscures the truth but makes it impossible for every day americans to understand exactly what the n.s.a. is doing, whether it's legal for it to be doing it and whether it's necessary for us to be sacrificing basic privacy to the demands of a largely unaccountable intelligence agency. >> let me play de
to the military. obama made clear he feels damned if you do, damned if you don't. he pointed out many egyptians blamed the u.s. for supporting morsi while he was in power. america, the president said, cannot control the outcome in egypt. >> we want a peaceful democratic prosperous egypt. that's our interest. to achieve that, the egyptians will have to do the work. >> michael: after the events of the past few days that work has become much, much harder. joining us one last time inside "the war room" is bill press, host of current tv's the full press show, and jason johnson, senior editor of bill, back to you. it's always good to see you, bill, and i know that you had your last current show today. we might as well talk about it now. where can people live stream your show going forward? >> tomorrow morning bill press we were a radio show before current tv, we will be a radio show after current tv. the show must go on and starting september third we will be on free speech tv, and on so people can still watch us on tv. just a different channel. and stream us online and l
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8